About the Artist

Elana Westphal

As a child I started to make constructed environments in my father’s workshop. He was a veteran, cattle rancher and mechanic, which means he was a maker in an original sense. As a result, I grew up with a love of tools and a contrasting love of source materials such as wood, trees, and utilitarian forms. The forest outside the workshop was a universe of forms, textures, and light. My experience there translated in literal and metaphorical ways into smaller scale representation. My desire was to create a world of thoughts in each assemblage. To me, each was a manifestation of an idea, a story or a relationship. I loved the re-purposing of ordinary items, raised to the level of symbol.

My assemblages are translated experiences. Like poems, they present resonant details, some of which are tactile and invite exploration. In this way, the viewer may co-create meaning by association to their own memories. My method aspires to the following: exploration, transcendence, luminescence and sometimes, a portrait. I don’t think of this in advance, but people seem to see themes of mortality and morality in my work. I invite you to explore the details of these works and to find your own story within them.  

My pieces are for sale and exhibition. Please send me a note for more information.

Elana is Creative Director and Partner at Lone Tree Creative, Lone Tree Creative, an advertising and graphic design firm. She studied illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design, and worked as a Senior Art Director in Philadelphia ad agencies and design firms. She has designed a variety of products and appeared on the Today Show and QVC network to present her patented products. Elana fell in love with Sandpoint, Idaho and lives there in the 1910 Craftsman bungalow she restored.