Collateral Damage Collateral Damage


This assemblage was created about soldiers and their families. When soldiers return home to their families, they unwillingly bring the pain of war with them. All of them are forever changed.

On the movable center piece are photos of soldiers placed in an old phone directory to express the individuality of each man and woman and to instill the connection to home. Soldiers from World War Two are on one side and Vietnam on the other.

On the shelves of the vintage military radio parts case are photos of families placed in jars. The children and wives are meant to appear isolated from the realities that soldiers face and are encased protectively while living unchanged in the memories of the deployed military members. When soldiers return home, there is a deep desire to have everything return to normal. But it isn’t and never again will it be the same.

The shelves are filled with copies of authentic letters written home by soldiers. There are also copies of Western Union telegrams families received. Draft cards are on shelves on the right of the case.

The multi-piece assemblage is mounted on a hand-crafted table and serves as a monument to the sacrifice soldiers and their families make emotionally.

SOLD – Inquire about new pieces currently in progress.