Collateral Damage Collateral Damage

COLLATERAL DAMAGE This assemblage was created about soldiers and their families. When soldiers return home to their families, they unwillingly bring the pain of war with them. All of them are forever changed. On the movable center piece are...

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Collateral Damage

All At Once, The Martyr All At Once, The Martyr

ALL AT ONCE THE MARTYR Assembled in a vintage Howitzer case, this piece was created to express the complicated, and sometimes overwhelming, feelings of being a victim. On the left, the anthropomorphic piece of wood is bound by chains...

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All At Once, The Martyr

The Future of My Bright Shining Love Everlasting The Future of My Bright Shining Love Everlasting

THE FUTURE OF MY BRIGHT AND SHINING LOVE EVERLASTING An old box from India with images of couples hand-painted on the outside serves as the stage for the perfect marriage of two people. They stand together in the glittering...

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The Future of My Bright Shining Love Everlasting

We Were Once Trees We Were Once Trees

WE WERE ONCE TREES This piece was inspired by a New York Times article about the rapid extinction of many species of trees. That information haunted me and I began collecting pieces of trees with the idea that there...

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We Were Once Trees

I’m Fine, Really. I’m Fine, Really.

I’M FINE, REALLY. Is it in our nature to calm and comfort, to make sure that it appears everything is going to be ok? Are we meant to multitask our way through our everyday lives with a smile on...

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I'm Fine, Really.

Tree Lab Tree Lab

Tree Lab This assemblage tells the story of a fictional group, The Society to Preserve Trees. A decade ago, I read an article about the accelerating extinction of several species of trees. The idea that trees could become extinct...

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Tree Lab